Monday, January 28, 2013

city of angels

instagrammed weekend

It seems like I leave my heart wherever I go, but I especially have a soft spot for LA. I had an amazing weekend full of great vintage finds, superstitious dinners, microbreweries, LA river exploring, seeing my family...... 

It does seem that I can find anything in SF that I could in LA: fancy coffee shops, vintage shopping, quirkiness, but there was one big difference I found between our two cities.... the people! Everyone was super polite and chill in LA! Can you believe it? I thought the LA people were supposed to be the pretentious ones?

As San Francisco is losing its bohemian carefree spirit, I find myself finding solace in an almost parallel universe down south. Just a kinder, more fun version of everyone in SF.

So why does everyone hate LA?!?!?!

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