Thursday, January 03, 2013

history stories

from Janus' wikipedia page
I love finding out the stories behind everything. I just rediscovered the story behind the meaning of the month of January, (named after the god Janus who guards the gate of the new year. ) He has two heads- one looking to the past and one towards the future. So interesting!

On a recent camping trip, my friend was sharing about the history of playing cards. There is just so much rich history and symbolism behind a mere playing card, that I took for granted. Did you know that aces represented the lower class that were to rise to the top? 

Everywhere I go, I am obsessed with the stories that surround us. Stories behind our favorite paintings and photos. Stories behind that grand hotel downtown. Stories behind the everyday things we use daily. 

I think i'll get to know more of the stories behind the people and things in this world this year...

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