Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Google glass

I watched the video for google glasses and it actually made me smile. I'm impressed! I also love this pic of models wearing the glasses which was one of my favorite scenes from the commercial. I love Google... for so many reasons...

Back when I lived on the peninsula, I'd go to Google ALL THE TIME! It was my playground and supplier of free shirts. I had eaten at more of the cafeterias than the people i knew that worked there! Ive gone to see authors and musicians there, went to the holiday parties, and even their circus school picnic at Shoreline. Yes, I took full advantage of my Google connections!

One time google took their employees to Disneyland, leaving me behind. And I was sad. My friend then had to remind me that I didn't work there.

But back to the glasses. We live in amazing times...

But as Louis CK has said. Everything is amazing and nobody is happy........

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