Saturday, March 30, 2013


Tangier, Casablanca and Fes. 
Discovered that Morocco is becoming more liberal but still a strict Islamic country. I was aware of the conservative dress code, so I wore loose long clothing. However I was unprepared for a strong gust of wind while boarding the plane, so I flashed a poor Moroccan guy. What a way to leave the country! I have so many other great memories from this country though...
  • Casablanca apparently has no traffic laws. Taxi rides were exhilarating!
  • Turkish baths
  • Going to the ancient market place in Fes. Watching people make beautiful crafts
  • French influenced cafes where only men dwell
  • Meeting random locals (and a few occasional hustlers trying to milk us for our money)
Morocco will have a soft spot in my heart. Moroccans apparently love Japanese people too. They couldn't come to terms that I am actually an American and kept insisting that I am Japanese... ha!
Pictures up soon!

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