Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The Exploratorium. Giant bubbles! Shadow rooms! Tornadoes you could stand in! When I was growing up, field trips to Exploratorium were only second to Great America, (it was kind of hard to top roller coasters!)

New Exploratorium still continues to intrigue me, and I've already found myself here three times since their opening. I've also learned to never come again on a weekend, when the place is rampant with children. However, on Sunday I found myself in the area for a chocolate factory tour at Tcho. They are one of my favorite couvetures (which is a new word I learned for fancy chocolates). The factory is right smack next to Exploratorium which makes me wish I were a chocolate taster here. (Which I learned is someones actual WELL PAYING job at Tcho). Anyways, Exploratorium... 

I could spend a long time watching bugs eat dead animals

Coolest clock ever! The sweepers push the time forward 24/7.
Photographed a water drop. And voila, theres my upside down face in the reflection

hanger chandelier

a l o h a

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