Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sometimes its hard to believe that there is such a sweet getaway in just a 20 minute drive from SF. 
"Taco Bell Beach." Even my food snobby friends acknowledge that this is a great place to eat! 
The Mission dweller in me kind of dies when I eat these, but as I said before... Taco Bell Beach!!!!
Rockaway Beach is still a little touristy, but you can still find nice spots all to yourself. In fact, for being so "touristy," it wasn't very touristy at all. 
When I was in first grade, I came here with my Grandma and I specifically remember sitting on these rocks, and feeling small as a human being for the first time.
If you sit on these rocks and close your eyes, everything else will just melt away
The best picture Kevin could take of me :) 

A very nice thoughtful spot. 

A nice walk to Mori Point. Here is the spot I accidentally knocked Kevin's bahn mi sandwich out of his hand. Forever, when he'll see these flowers he'll remember his sadness.
Secluded, peaceful, and beautiful weather. 

A dried orange I received from summer solstice

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