Sunday, January 05, 2014


Seattle initially was a mixed bag, but anywhere with a giant troll under a bridge, can't be half bad! Pikes place and Space Needles were must do's, as it being our first time in Seattle, but touristy zones make me hyperventilate. It wasn't until we left the city, city area did I start to fall for Seattle. 
Luckily I randomly picked an AirBnb in the Ballard area, and when we arrived, the moment I started seeing vintage shops, climbing gyms, and book stores, I knew I found a cozy area. Whew! 

We greeted the New Year at a park over looking the city to watch fireworks, but unfortunately the fog rolled in. The other people at the park with us had great spirits, and there were lanterns floating off and amateur fireworks to save the night! Oh Seattle peeps, you are great!

My favorite part was when K and I ran a 5k and jumped into Lake Washington. A Polar Bear Plunge is a great way to start the year, really!

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