Thursday, June 12, 2014

new york state of mind

(the Met, NYC)

Wow, that was some hiatus. I've been busy with other things, though I really missed posting here, as I've been keeping this blog since 2006!

I just got back from an extended weekend in NYC. It was the perfect way to welcome summer, just before the sweltering New York summer heat arrives. I've experienced those inescapable muggy days before, and I'll take the "coldest winter" (a San Francisco summer) any day!

But last weekend, NYC was perfection. I did a lot of cool New York things, a free Shakespeare production in Central Park, a speakeasy that you enter by telephone booth, and an afternoon at the Metropolitan... BUT my favorite moment was spontaneously climbing up to my friend J's roof and just chatting until 4am. Overlooking Brooklyn and seeing dawn start to break, I thought, you can't plan moments like these.

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